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Here you see some *Very* old stuff!
Actually 20-25 years ago our Volvo guys here, in cooperation with some other friends, made this car.

Market was not at all ready back then for the *design*, about 20 years ago.. But look NOW at the S80 model of today.. ! ;-)
The design had to wait for many years to be right in time. Gas turbine and Plugin hybrid. 20 yearas ago..

3CC, cool looking concept, many years old now.
( EV-Components not made by Volvo, contact me for more info. )

This is a really Strange-looking proof of concept bike! :-) But really fun!
Made by us for material and different Battery tests, its a prototype, as you see.., but it actually perform very well "in real life" test conditions.
Goal is one of the worlds largests Endurance races, Sweden GGN! This frame is for component tests.

In this very early run and short movie it is a decent pack of LiFePO4 120Wh/kg pack installed, I choose the pack desig, and optimized to last well over the
distance in the *very* demanding heavy mud and water conditions. Bike will be new, upgraded and race frame, tyres etc. for the real races.

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